Matter 1.0 standard officially released, Tuya Smart fully promote the application

On October 4, the CSA Connection Standards Alliance officially released the Matter 1.0 standard and certification process. This standard release marks that Matter, an interoperable protocol that works across brands and platforms, will enter the market with a more cost-effective advantage, providing consumers with more complete and simple smart scenarios, as well as stronger privacy and security services.

At the same time, the Matter 1.0 standard has launched a comprehensive testing alliance member tool and global certification program. Eight authorized testing laboratories are responsible for testing the Matter protocol, as well as Matter’s underlying network technology, Wi-Fi and Thread, and ultimately promote the Matter protocol. Can be more fully presented in market applications.

The initial version of the Matter protocol supports Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Thread devices, and covers a variety of common smart home product categories, such as lighting, electrical, air conditioning, curtains, sensors, door locks, and media devices such as TVs.

The Matter 1.0 standard is generally recognized by the market as a milestone. With the promotion of IoT industry leaders such as Tuya Smart, Matter will have a broader landing scene. At the same time, Tuya Smart’s support for the Matter 1.0 standard will also allow Tuya Smart to develop its own Matter devices more conveniently and efficiently in over 200 countries and regions and over 629,000 developers around the world.

Whether it is supporting mainstream connection protocols such as Matter, Zigbee, and Wi-Fi, or creating a smooth interconnected ecology of different brands and categories around the world, Tuya Smart has always been a builder of open and shared smart ecology from connection methods to ecological construction. In the future, it will always promote the faster realization of the vision of “Intelligent Connectivity of Everything”.

Post time: Oct-18-2022